Important Club Notice

Hello everybody

You may or may not have heard that both the track committee and the running committee have agreed within their own committee meetings, that the best course of action for Scunthorpe and District Athletics Club is to split into two totally separate clubs. I have included the rationale for this decision. Please note that the RR section has already communicated this to their members:
The Scunthorpe And District Athletic Club (SADAC) has two sections a Track & Field (T&F)Section and the Road Running (RR) Section. For several years now there has been little interaction between the two sections, and the overarching Executive Committee has not been in place for a number of years. Last year the Committee of T&F and the RR Sections agreed to try and draft a new constitution that was fit for purpose and work towards having policies that covered the whole club. This proved to be difficult as all England Athletics policies assume one Executive Committee that oversees the whole club. Further to this, as the club is currently set up the members of the T&F Committee could be held individually liable for the decisions of the RR Committee and vice versa, including that of financial and safeguarding matters.  We have stated to the RR section that they are able to keep the name (Scunthorpe And District Athletic Club) and the Club colours.
So what next?
This week, working closely with Tom Woods from the RR section, I will be drawing up a timeline of actions for the split to ‘hopefully’ take place as smoothly and quickly as possible. I say hopefully, as the members of both sections will have a right to vote on this matter within an EGM. There are available actions that can be taken if this is voted against but our section still wants to pursue the split. This EGM will be scheduled with the actions and when the timeline is agreed with Tom, I will keep our members fully up to speed with this. I do hope that you have trust in us as a committee with the decision that we have unanimously agreed upon and can guarantee from my judgements, that this step will be nothing but another positive step for taking the track section forward.
In the meantime, we need to start thinking of a new name and club colours, and this is where your immediate support will be gratefully appreciated. If you would like to make a suggestion for one or both of these then please can you email Mel by June 20th-any suggestions made after this may not be considered. From here the committee will shortlist and then take it to a vote with the club members during the process of actions.
Please also note that training and competing will not be impacted upon as the above process takes place.
Thank you for your continued support
Jonathan (chair)
Important Club Notice

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